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Hospitality Leader with over 25+ years of experience in operational and general management. Extensive focus on driving revenue, increasing profitability and transforming guest satisfaction. Proven successful management of multi $million budgets. Fluent in English, Spanish, Arabic and French. Expert in both building operations from scratch + adapting and growing revenues for existing hotels and resorts. Managed operations for huge names such as Novotel, Pullman and Sofitel Le Louise.


Hospitality Management 1997


General Manager 12/2021 - 12/2023
Lancaster Hotels & resorts

• Led a team of 260 staff members, managing direct reports of 12 and overseeing a 9 million Euro budget, with direct reporting lines to the CEO. • Elevated year-on-year revenue by 1.5 million Euros and gross operating profit by 1.3 million Euros through strategic initiatives. • Implemented strategic business frameworks, resulting in a 69% surge in revenue and a 54% increase in profitability through cost-reduction initiatives. • Initiated regular performance review briefings, enhancing operational efficiency by 15% through a focused analysis of critical metrics. • VIP client relationship management, adopting personalized service tactics that boosted repeat business by 25% and contributed to revenue expansion. • Executed unique themed activities and special events, navigating logistical obstacles to achieve a 20% increase in guest satisfaction metrics. • Secured a landmark 3year contract with Turkish Airlines, and improvement over previous annual agreements, negotiated at advantageous rates. • Encouraged close collaborations with the Presidential Palace, organizing numerous prestigious events, including the wedding of the President's daughter. • Addressed high turnover and leadership gaps by implementing a succession planning strategy, achieving a 20% increase in internal promotions. • Ensured critical roles were filled effectively within a team exceeding 250 employees.

General Manager 10/2018 - 11/2021
Pullman Hotels & Resorts

• Directed a 195-person team with 11 direct reports, reporting to the Country Manager, with stewardship of a 7 million Euro budget. • Implemented F&B operation improvements, achieving a 55% increase in revenue and a 49.8% profit growth through cost control measures. • Achieved a year-on-year revenue boost of 1.4 million dollars and an increase in gross operating profit of 1 million dollars through strategic participation. • Led the DRC Mining Week, drawing in over 500 industry experts and generating $1.5M in revenue through meticulous strategic planning. • Surpassed performance targets by 15%, boosting operational efficiency and achieving a 12% increase in ROI. • Achieved an 18% growth in revenue by optimizing service delivery and financial strategies, maximizing resource utilization. • Elevated guest satisfaction by 20% and improved staff morale by 10% through targeted initiatives. • Successfully hosted the country's largest mining event, establishing the venue as a premier location for significant industry gatherings. • Initiated luxury service innovations and strict quality control measures, maintaining guest satisfaction scores consistently above 90%. • Directed supply chain and energy management cost-saving measures, cutting operational costs by 20% and saving $500K annually. • Managed refurbishment projects with a budget of $1 million, completing 95% of projects on time and improving guest satisfaction by 30%. • Formulated a brand strategy, achieving a 20% increase in local market visibility through targeted marketing initiatives and strategic collaborations. • Delivered a 15% uplift in annual revenue by enhancing brand presence and leveraging partnerships for market expansion. • Kept strong owner relations through continuous communication and tailored service, achieving a 95% satisfaction rate, securing successful contract renewals, and cultivating long-term partnerships.

General Manager 10/2015 - 09/2018
Ibis Hotels & Spa

• Managed a team of 175 staff with 14 direct reports, reported to the Owners, and administered a budget of 5 million Euros. • Elevated year-on-year occupancy from 24% to 49.5%, increased revenue by 1 million Euros, and improved gross operating profit by 200,000 Euros. • Led a customer service initiative, incorporating staff development and procedural optimizations, which increased customer satisfaction by 50%. • Advanced operational efficiency by refining procurement and optimizing staff schedules, reducing costs by 25% while ensuring high service quality. • Directed all operational departments, slashed operational expenses by 15%. • Implemented digital marketing strategies, navigating budget limits to realize a 20% occupancy rate increase within the first year. • Revitalized the Hoteliers Association by assuming leadership, organizing various meetings, and involving the Ministry of Tourism.

General Manager 12/2012 - 09/2015
Ibis Hotels

• Led the startup and opening of a new hotel, overseeing recruitment, training, and operational standards, achieving an 85% occupancy rate in the first month. • Executed targeted SEO and social media marketing strategies, achieving a 25% surge in direct bookings and enhancing the hotel's online presence by 40%. • Elevated occupancy rates from 65% in the first year to 85% by the end of my tenure, reflecting considerable gains in both revenue and gross operating profit. • Launched a creative-themed weekend events program in the Food & Beverage department, reversing trends of stagnant sales and increasing revenue by 15%. • Negotiated with suppliers to ensure top-quality goods at the best prices, effectively managed payroll through strategic cross-departmental staffing, and implemented energy-saving initiatives to optimize expenses.