Baan Dusit Thani


June 17, 2024
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Job Description


· Provides alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages service to the guests according to the prescribed service rules and standards with emphasis on accuracy and speed.

· Prepares and mixes all types of drinks and cocktails, based on standardized recipes of drinks.

· Organizes all the stocks in the bar and store room in a professional manner.

· Maintains and ensures the cleanliness and maintenance of the bar area, chillier, fringes, bar floor, storage areas and all equipment and tools inside the bar.

· Prepares Daily Bar Inventory and Sales Report, Inter-Transfer Report, Daily Breakage/Spoilage/Spillage Report, Full Bottle Sales Report, Daily operating equipment inventory for the bar.

· Prepares Beverage Supplies, Operating Supplies and Food Supplies Requisition for the Bar.

· Maintains bar stock according to established par stock level and arranges requisitioned items according the appropriate storage condition of the specific wines and spirits.

· Maintains adequate bar supplies such as napkins, straws, cocktail picks, etc., arranges them neatly in the assigned areas.

· Handles cashiering tasks when assigned in Outlets with self-cashiering like Pool Side.

· Validates guest orders in the guest check and computes for the total sales.

· Turns over the sales and the report for the day to the Head Cashier.

· Maintains clean and sufficient operating equipment such as glassware, bar tools and equipment, chinaware, etc., required for service hours in the bar.

· Handles the orderly stocking of glassware and ensures adequate stock and inventory is maintained.

· Conducts monthly inventory of the operating equipment in the bar.

· Cleans and controls the bar chiller and wine chiller daily.

· Chills and cools sufficient beverage supplies at the appropriate serving temperature before service hours.

· Prepares all mise-en-place before the service hours.

· Prepares all the garnish and mixers to speed up the service during peak hours.

· Boosts the sales of wines and spirits in the bar.

· Participates in association and club membership related to bar/cocktails and wines to update knowledge on latest service style and products, as well as promoting the image of bar.

· Assists as required co-employees within the department and other department in the performance of duties and responsibilities to attain quality product and service for the hotel.

· Performs other tasks assigned by the Restaurant Manager which leads to guest satisfaction and profit for the Hotel.