Baan Dusit Thani

Restaurant Supervisor

June 17, 2024
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Job Description


· Demonstrates Dusit F&B standards in all interactions.

· Ensures that the standards of Dusit Hotels & Resorts are maintained and highly implemented.

· Supervises, coordinates and gives directions to the entire team of colleagues in a very efficient and correct manner.

· To promote good relationship to the guests and colleagues.

· Control and analyzes the level on:

o Quality of Service

o Guest Satisfaction

o Employees Satisfaction

o Operating Equipment

o Grooming Standards

· Updating all colleague logs/ files.

· Participate in service as necessary in accordance with the restaurant needs.

· Ensure hotel grooming and personal appearance standards are met.

· Control stocks for daily use in the restaurant to ensure restaurant’s service requirements are met.

· Control breakage, waste and spoilage.

· Ensures Safe and Healthy work environment for all the guests and the colleagues.

· Conduct all administrative work required.

· Maintaining the restaurant’s cleanliness as well as ensuring all maintenance needs are looked after.

· Checks expiry dates and non-dated products on a daily basis.

· Schedules Guest Reservations and arranges for private function or special party.

· Checks opening and closing duties assigned to all colleagues.

· Maintains log book on day to day bases.

· Conduct shift briefing.

· Performs job related duties and special project assigned.

· Ensures that the restaurant maintains the high quality service standards are implemented.

· Performs daily checks on staffing level, quality control, maintenance, cleanliness.

· Establishes guest data.

· Ensures that the unique services of the restaurant are well maintained, e.g. by doing table checks.

· Updates the Communication Board.

· Clean all coffee machines and make sure to use the safe right detergents and pills. Any maintenance issue should be reported to the leader on duty.

· Make sure that all open food and beverage items are dated and covered.

· Follows Hotel’s telephone etiquette standards.

· Follows Occupational Health & Safety regulations.

· Reports suspicious people, parcels, and behaviors to Security.

· Ensures adherence to Dusit’s Code of Ethics.