Baan Dusit Thani

Sous Chef / Chef de Cuisine – Thien Doung (Michelin Bib Gourmand – Vietnamese)

June 17, 2024
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Job Description


· Prepares and ensures a consistently excellent quality and standard of food. Tests cooked food and checks on its original appearance and freshness.

· Makes sure that the produce a restaurant or commercial kitchen is using is of top quality, and that staff are well trained and skilled to ensure the best preparation

· Helps the Executive Sous Chef with menu planning, inventory, and managing of supplies.

· The Sous Chef also assist to ensure the kitchen’s safety and hygiene standards are adhered to at all times, and that staff are obeying sanitation rules.

· Supervises and monitors the quality of all food prepared in the kitchen under supervision of Executive Sous Chef. Checks constantly for its taste, temperature and visual appearance. Makes sure that all dishes are of consistently good quality and that established portion sizes are adhered to. (Tastes all food being prepared and insists on top quality.)

· Relaying orders to the line cooks and ensuring that the team works together to get all the orders right and get them out promptly.

· Ongoing verbal and written communication with kitchens to convey information needed regarding menu changes, ingredients, special diets, etc.

· Ensures all cooks have all necessary ingredients, equipment, recipes

· Ensures all food is consistently prepared and presented according to company standards

· Takes on administrative or other necessary tasks as laid out by Executive Chef/ Executive Sous Chef, such as taking and recording inventory, and following up on orders with purveyors

· Aids in maintaining portion sizes, and testing new recipes

· Controls food costs by following proper storage procedures, standardized recipes, and waste control procedures.

· Assists Food Service Coordinator in maintaining standard of cleanliness and organization in kitchens and food storage areas

· Aids in identifying and analyzing ongoing training needs of staff throughout the year

· Assists and gives feedback on weekly menu changes

· Is familiar with the emergency procedures of the hotel.

· Conducts, in coordination with the Executive Sous Chef such functions as interviewing, hiring, employee orientation, performance appraisal, coaching, counseling, and suspension if necessary to ensure appropriate staffing and productivity. Consults with Food & Beverage Department Heads and Personnel Manager, as appropriate, in performing above duties.

· Conducts daily briefing and de-briefing in the absence of the Executive Sous Chef

· Proposes an effective duty to ensure sufficiency of manpower in accordance to volume of business.

· Conserves energy and water at all times, without jeopardizing the guest experience and comfort.

· Manages and reduces food wastes, based on thorough analysis. Changes staff behavior to carefully use all resources.

· Performs other tasks as assigned by Executive Sous Chef