Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi

Laundry Attendant

July 9, 2024
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Job Description


• Collect dirty uniforms and issue clean uniforms to designated hotel personnel as per department specifications.
• Legibly document information on uniform slips and distribute accurately.
• Legibly document information on uniform cards for new employees; issue and make necessary alterations for new employee uniforms.
• Size, issue and properly document uniforms for temporary personnel.
• Issue designated cleaning rags/service towels to F&B personnel; transport soiled cleaning rags to Laundry for cleaning. Maintain designated par levels.
• Legibly document and coordinate guest and hotel management laundry/dry cleaning and hotel uniforms to be picked up and cleaned by service company.
• Inspect condition, charges and amount of cleaned items received from service company; resolve any discrepancies.
• Organize all cleaned laundry/dry cleaning and uniforms into designated order and racks.
• Monitor and maintain the orderly and clean condition of the uniform room.
• Remove substandard uniforms from circulation and reassign replacements.
• Monitor and maintain accurate records of all assigned and unassigned uniforms.
• Distribute all paperwork to designated personnel/departments.
• Process guest requests for pressing and minor repairs of clothes as assigned.
• Coordinate repairs for uniforms.
• Coordinate pick up of soiled hotel linen and delivery of cleaned hotel linen from laundry service company.
• Inspect condition, charges and amount of cleaned hotel linen received from Service Company; resolve any discrepancies.
• Organize and stock all clean hotel linen in designated areas, shelves.
• Remove substandard hotel linens from circulating inventory.
• Receive rental linens from service company and verify accuracy of delivery to order; resolve any discrepancies.
• Issue designated table linens to F&B personnel according to departmental procedures.
• Report all shortages, damages, maintenance requests, problems and linen/uniform availability to manager.

• Maintain close liaison with laundry Service Company to ensure the service provided meets the hotel’s standards.
• Monitor and maintain the clean and orderly condition of the linen room; ensure security of all hotel property.
• Monitor and maintain designated supply levels.
• Handle complaints by following the instant pacification procedures, ensuring guest satisfaction.
• Promote positive relations with guests and employees.
• Successful completion of the training/certification process.


• Complete inventory of uniforms and hotel linens as assigned.
• Complete special projects involving mending/sewing as assigned.
• Assist Laundry in sorting and documenting dirty hotel linens.


• Continuous learning through own IDP.
• Any other duties as may be assigned by the superior.


• Represents Dusit’s brand and its values at all times. We will establish relationships and foremost and we will deliver an exceptional guest experience and promote Thai graciousness.


• Communicate and fully embracing the Company’s culture (our Vision, our Mission and our Values), leads by example and cascade to all your subordinates. – “Proud to belong and to contribute”


• Ensure confidentiality and secure storage of all intellectual property and data bases, both hard copy and electronic. Adhere to Dust Internet and E-mail policy. Ensure Hotel, Customer and Staff information or transactions are kept confidential during or after employment with the company.


• At least High School graduate
• No experienced is welcome. Laundry knowledge is preferred
• Ability to communicate basic English.
• Hard-working and detail-oriented