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Supervisor Audit

May 15, 2024
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Job Description


• Audits daily revenue figures and the supporting guest checks and vouchers submitted by the restaurant and front office cashiers. This includes balancing all checks, vouchers and other documents.
• To audit F&B revenues with the reports from POS, Fidelio and with the closing documentation of each shift and ensure that both tally.
• Verify the list of voided and open checks and ensure that explanations have been received. List the open checks in the Discrepancy Report for follow-up.
• Verify the sequential use of F&B checks, foreign exchange vouchers, receipts, outlet checks to ensure that there are no missing numbers.
• Review and check cashiers’ closures on credit cards and City Ledger with the postings journal attached by the cashiers.
• Review the actual arrivals with the expected arrivals list printed in the morning. If any no shows, liaise with the Duty Manager and charge the guest if necessary. List in the Discrepancy Report.
• Check the adjustments and correction for the day to confirm whether properly documented and authorized.
• Do a spot check of unoccupied rooms with the help of a Housekeeping Supervisor. Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of the Night Manager.
• To prepare the cashiers accountability report
• To ensure an accurate credit card charging in the EDC’s
• Must organize proper filing system of documents and back-ups
• To ensure proper controls are observed and the completeness of documentation on all city ledger transfers.
• Ensures that the Guest Ledger balance reflects the real updated balances of the in-house guest folio charges.
• To verify rate variances and guests exceeding credit limit and do spot checks on a day-to-day basis.
• To collect and all entertainment checks for the day and submit the same to cost control in the daytime.
• To send the daily flash report, via email, to respective addressee per mailing list.
• Prepares daily report of operations for the auditor’s signature.
• Prepares rebate summary and rebate journal.


• Checks and ensures that the job assigned has been effectively completed on the timely basis and according to hotel’s expectation.
• Recommends corrective actions for unfavorable variances in job standards and budget commitment.
• Proposes an effective duty to ensure sufficiency of manpower in accordance to volume of business.
• Establishes two-way communication within and related departments.
• Communicates effectively with guests, subordinates, immediate supervisors and other section heads.
• Attends briefing and departmental meetings or as assigned by supervisor.
• Manages time effectively by meeting deadlines on time.
• Identifies and solves problems in a professional manner.
• Assists others to ensure the operation is run smoothly and effectively.
• Must be flexible in work schedule
• Thorough knowledge of the Income Auditors job description and may be deputized in his/her absence.


• Knows and understands the job description of all positions in the department and be able to perform the task as required.
• Knows and understands policies of the department well and can guide others to perform the job well.
• Recognizes good quality products and presentation.
• Checks and improves all service standards established by the company
• Supervises staff activities to maximize revenue and minimize costs.
• Provides assistance to the staff when required during peak periods.
• Maintains grooming standards for all personnel.
• Conserves energy and water at all time by not decreasing guest comfort and cleaning efficiency.
• Manages wastes by reducing and recycle the wastes, and carefully use of resources.
• Knows the requisition point and par stock of products used in the department such as guest supplies, paper supplies, etc.
• Ensure that room charges have been posted.
• Ensure that back-ups are taken every night.


• Communicates effectively with guest, clients, business partners and staff.
• To be a good sales person to promote hotel’s image and businesses.
• Participates in community projects or activities in order to promoting the hotel’s image and cooperation to improve community relationship.

• Establishes and maintains good relations with other staff within the department and between other departments provides assistant to co-staff within the department and amongst other department in performing task to foster team work and success of the hotel.


• Reports to officer/unit manager or department heads concerned.
• Coordinates with all concerned personnel to ensure that all activities are accomplished.
• Interacts with clients, guests, government officials, supplies, and other important individual in the community in promoting the hotel.


• Continuous learning through own IDP.
• Any other duties as may be assigned by the superior.


• Represents Dusit’s brand and its values at all times. We will establish relationships and foremost and we will deliver an exceptional guest experience and promote Thai graciousness.


• Communicate and fully embracing the Company’s culture (our Vision, our Mission and our Values), leads by example and cascade to all your subordinates. – “Proud to belong and to contribute”


• Ensure confidentiality and secure storage of all intellectual property and data bases, both hard copy and electronic. Adhere to Dust Internet and E-mail policy. Ensure Hotel, Customer and Staff information or transactions are kept confidential during or after employment with the company.


• Minimum education of Bachelor degree in Accounting
• Minimum of 3 years in accounting management experience
• Knowledgeable in Front Office, F&B cashiering procedures
• Willing to be assigned in midnight shift for an extended period
• Have good communication skills in written and spoken English
• Have a analytical minded and be proactive
• Possess professional disposition with good communication and interpersonal skills