dusitD2 Fagu, Himachal Pradesh

Purchasing Manager

May 3, 2024
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Job Description

• Assist in coordinating purchasing activities for food, beverage, general, and operating equipment to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
• Collaborate with the Director of Food and Beverage/Executive Chef to prepare purchase specifications and maintain quality standards.
• Liaise with department heads to understand individual department requirements and establish economical order quantities and par stock levels.
• Maintain vendor relationships and monitor quality control systems to uphold standards of quality and hygiene.
• Conduct market surveys to explore new products and obtain competitive quotes.
• Coordinate with the Head Store Keeper for storage and issuance of goods and equipment.
• Assist in setting par stocks and reorder points for main store items.
• Represent the Purchasing Department in the Hotel’s Executive Committee meetings.
• Keep management and department heads informed of price variances, costing, and supplier information.
• Control inventory levels and manage purchase requests, ensuring competitive pricing and prompt payment.
• Coordinate month-end stock takes and ensure compliance with hotel policies and procedures.
• Update the Departmental Operations Module to maintain accurate records and information.

• Minimize hotel expenses through effective purchasing practices and obtaining competitive prices.
• Monitor daily hotel expenditure and strive to optimize inventory turnover
• Ensure proper storage and rotation of inventoried items to minimize wastage and spoilage.
• Monitor departmental costs and recommend measures for cost control
• Prepare reports, costings, and statements as required by the Financial Controller
• Implement operating and control procedures to ensure proper accounting of goods movement.

• Maintain department records and forms according to hotel policies and procedures
• Ensure timely and accurate data entry into computer systems.
• Establish an efficient vendor/general filing system.
• Keep management updated on new products and maintain supplier records

• Participate in employee selection processes in coordination with HR
• Ensure discipline and punctuality within the department
• Plan and implement effective skills training programs
• Foster a cohesive team environment and ensure employee welfare and safety
• Conduct regular department briefings and discussions on operations
• Ensure employee compliance with hotel rules and regulations

• Attend morning briefings and carry out other duties as assigned.
• Perform Duty Manager duties as scheduled.
• Respond to changes as dictated by the hotel.
• Maintain effective communication with all hotel departments.
• Foster positive working relationships with colleagues and other departments.


• Report to the Purchasing Manager for day-to-day operations.
• Coordinate with all departments to streamline processes.
• Interact with suppliers to secure the best products at competitive prices.
• Assume additional responsibilities in the absence of the Purchasing Manager.

• Engage in continuous learning through personal development initiatives.
• Perform any other duties as assigned by superiors.


• Represent Dusit’s brand and values at all times.
• Deliver exceptional guest experiences and promote Thai graciousness.


• Communicate and fully embracing the Company’s culture (our Vision, our Mission and our Values), leads by example and cascade to all your subordinates. – “Proud to belong and to contribute”


• Ensure confidentiality and secure storage of all intellectual property and data bases, both hard copy and electronic. Adhere to Dusit Internet and E-mail policy. Ensure Hotel, Customer and Staff information or transactions are kept confidential during or after employment with the company.


• Minimum education of Bachelor degree in Business Administration or relevant discipline
• Thorough purchasing experience at least 5 years with a minimum of 2 years in managerial level. Exposure in a hospitality business is a must
• Possess ability to deal and negotiate with vendors and suppliers effectively.
• Have good English communication skills both in written and spoken
• Computer literate
• Posses professional disposition with excellent communication and interpersonal skills